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How To Choose The Right Bra

by Jiangming Chen 12 Jun 2022 0 Comments
How To Choose The Right Bra

Are there many women in life who don't know the size of their underwear? Do you always find your underwear uncomfortable?

- Empty cup

- Spill up

- Chest deformation

- Chest leak

- Tight steel ring

- Bra Slide up

How To Choose The Right Bra

In fact, as long as you choose the right underwear, these problems can be avoided.

Note: Prepare a soft ruler. Nude measurements are more accurate.

1. First measure the data of two different states of bust

Loose measurement: Breathe normally, make a horizontal circle from the bottom of the chest with the tape.

Tight measurement: Exhale as much as possible and pull the tape tight. Measure the minimum size under the bust.

How to choose the right bra1

Formula: (loose measurement + tight measurement)/2=lower bust

Example: (loose 75+tight 72)/2=73.5

2.Measure 3 data of the bust

How to choose the right bra


Note: The soft ruler should not be too tight or too loose, just fit the skin

Formula: (Upright +45°+90° )=upper

Example: Upright 83+45° 85+90° 86)/3=84.6

Upper bust - lower bust = girth difference

Example: upper bust 84.6-lower bust 73.5=11.1

How to choose the right bra3

The difference between the upper and lower bust circumference is 11cm, which is equal to the B cup, and the lower bust circumference is 73.5 close to the bottom circumference of 75, so it is appropriate to choose 75B.

3.Determine if the chest is asymmetrical

Lean forward 45° and measure from the outer contour of the chest. Pass the nipple, just fit, do not press the nipple. Measured to the end of the lateral profile, excluding the thoracic distance. Measure both sides separately.

How to choose the right bra4

According to whether the data on the left and right sides are consistent, you can judge whether your chest is symmetrical.


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