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19 Cottagecore Dresses to Wear on a Date this Summer

by Starryqueen 30 May 2021 0 Comments
19 Cottagecore Dresses to Wear on a Date this Summer

As the seasons change, we all begin to look for those perfect outfits that will define the next several months of our lives. Few fashion choices matter more than the outfits that we choose for a romantic getaway.

Whether you are meeting up for coffee or you are slipping off for a picnic on a warm day, you need the right look to make it work.

With its fairytale charm and playful sense of comfort, cottagecore is proving to be one of the best styles for dating outfits this year. In this article, we will explore cottagecore dresses that are perfect for winning the heart of someone special during a summer romance.

What is Cottagecore?

Cottagecore is a style and general aesthetic that has been growing in popularity in online spaces throughout the last ten years.

It offers a sweet and charming design that is traditional to some extent, with many relating it to the English countryside.

This style is largely focused around nature and a general sense of comfort that gives it a whimsical look that is generally suited for book characters.

Though it is a design style that can be applied to interior design and even quite a few hobbies, it has begun to take over fashion spaces with adorably themed styles offering a balance between beauty and simplicity.

Taking notes from rural lifestyles, cottagecore has a certain romantic look to it that is makes anyone look like the love interest in a movie.

How to Choose Cottagecore Outfits

Creating a cottagecore look is all about nailing that simple and natural feel. In many cases, people use this style of clothing to focus on gentle and relatively neutral colors with the occasional pop of color in small doses.

It is possible for a great many different outfits and accessories to create a visual sense of calm. These outfits are cute, casual, and comfortable in the best possible way.

To meet the needs of a cottagecore design, there must be a focus on flair and nature. While most cottagecore outfits are fairly basic, loose-fitting, and flowy, a cottagecore outfit can really improve with the right accessories.

Many people focus on using accessories to make that connection with natural aesthetics by adding flower or plant-themed jewelry or patterns to their look.

In some cases, cottagecore is more focused around traditional design that highlights certain attributes while always leading back to that certain feeling of flow.

Where to Buy Cottagecore Dresses

Cottagecore dresses are all the rage these days, and when you look at them, it is easy to see why. This style of dress is not only nice to look at, it is incredibly comfortable.

Most cottagecore dresses focus on loose and flowing material that makes it easy for you to feel cute and free at the same time.

Cottagecore-themed dresses can be found all over online, but Nvuvu is known for their actual collection of cottagecore dresses in all kinds of fun styles and colors. Since cottagecore was born online, it only makes sense to sell these fashion pieces online too!

Must-Have Cottagecore Dresses

Date night just got a whole lot better with the introduction of cottagecore dresses. By investing in any of these dresses, you can enjoy an effortlessly appealing look that also allows you to feel relaxed and comfortable all night long. These dresses are just as perfect for a game of mini-golf as they are for dinner at a fun restaurant.

1. Sky Blue Floral Print Mini Dress

Sky Blue Floral Print Mini Dress

This stunning sky blue dress will make you feel ready to hop on a plane and chase down a fun adventure. It is ideal for dates of any kind, but it has a special charm for daytime activities. With its strapless design, you can enjoy a comfortable and freeing style that promises to can turn anyone into a model  in a mere matter of seconds.

2. A Word Cottagecore Dress

Designed to transform anyone into a love interest from a movie, this fun and fashionable dress brings the perfect cottagecore style in a slightly more dressed up way. Though this dress has a fun pattern and a beautiful flowing skirt, it does have a traditional enough design to effortlessly transition from casual to dressed up with the right kind of accessories.

3.Wild Winds White Floral Print High-Low Wrap Dress

Wild Winds White Floral Print High-Low Wrap Dress

This particular cottagecore dress was practically made for brunch and it is the perfect style for a second or third date. It’s simplistic design and beautiful white color make it ideal for time spent out in the sun. It can partner just as easily with a nice pair of sandals as it does with a nice pair of strappy heels. Perfect for long walks on the beach, or a quaint picnic under the privacy of a tree, this is a safe and fashionable look.

4. Light Blue Flower Tie-Back Skater Mini Dress

Light Blue Flower Tie-Back Skater Mini Dress

When you really want to knock your date dead, this is an easy dress to reach for. It’s playful design is reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland, which is amplified by its adorable blue color. The mild shade of blue pairs well with its open-shoulder design and playful little skirt. With this dress, your date won’t be able to look away.

5. A-line Cottagecore Dress

A-line Cottagecore Dress

Though cottagecore is considered to be casual and playful, it can be dressed up with a little bit of lace. With this dress, you get the comfort of a beautiful flowing dress with the power of a more traditional top. This dress looks magical and pairs easily with a nice evening out with someone special.

6. Dot Print Sundress

Dot Print Sundress

To show off your inner artist, gardener, or animal lover, look no further. This adorable and simple dress has a flow to it that practically screams freedom. It is the kind of dress that makes you want to show off your fun side and cut loose, whether that means laughing at a show in the park or walking hand-in-hand along the beach.

7. White Tiered Sleeveless Dress

White Tiered Sleeveless Dress

Cottagecore might be a quaint and gentle look, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t have a little attitude too. This simple flowing dress has a beautiful design up top that automatically dresses it up. With barely visible straps and adorable hanging sleeves, it is the kind of dress that you want to wear when you finally share that first special kiss.

8. Light Green Tube Dress

With this dress, you can channel a beautiful cottagecore garden that is full of lovely flowers. It brings together a beautiful and natural green with an endearing floral design that really speaks to the natural focus of this style. You can walk around like a woodland fairy or dress up the design with some high-end jewelry to really complete the look. Cute, sexy, or fun? The choice is yours!

9. Shirt Dresses for Women

Shirt Dresses for Women

This borderline Victorian design is perfect for showing off your inner heroine and charming a local love interest. With its traditional top, your upper body will be framed in a pure and inviting way. Pair this with a short flowing skirt and your date will not be able to keep their eyes off of you. Its gentle green design allows you to blend in and stand out in the best possible way!

10. Backless Printing Cottagecore Dress

Backless Printing Cottagecore Dress

Cottagecore doesn’t always have to be simple and it doesn’t always have to be sweet. In this stunning dress, you will catch the attention of anyone that you walk past. Not only does it follow your body and effortlessly frame your face, but its stylish touches can easily be worn as a dressy look or a casual one. Using light shades of yellow and a beautiful floral pattern, you can enjoy showing off your assets in a classy way!

11. Sleeveless Ruffle Dress

Few dresses say “cottagecore” more than this adorable sleeveless dress. The bodice is loose-fitting and comfortable, allowing for sun kissed shoulders and versatile movements. The skirt, on the other hand, is a collection of flowing ruffles that beg to blow in the wind. Wear this cute dress to head out on a boat or for a simple evening meal.

12. Yellow Floral Dress

Yellow Floral Dress

High-end fashion meets cottagecore with this beautiful dress design. It’s loose and basic skirt make for a comfortable and understated appearance. However, the unique pattern of the dress is eye-catching in its own way and demands to be shown off. You will love the ruffled sleeves that are perfect for staying cool and comfortable in the summer sun!

13. Spaghetti Strap Dress

Spaghetti Strap Dress

Are you looking for a whimsical dress that draws your dates attention and keeps it? Look no further! With this dress, you get the freedom and comfort of a flowing skirt paired with the enticing appearance of a tight backless dress. It is the best of both worlds and will leave you ready to show your best side to your date—from any angle!

14. High Waist Casual Dress

This particular dress relies on the charm of cottagecore and pairs it with some of the more dramatic styles of fashion. It’s adorable bows and loose-fitting bodice make for that perfect cottagecore look, but its simple and smooth skirt allow for a more modern fashionable look that you will fall in love with in no time at all. Your date will love everything that this dress highlights, and you can easily dress it up with the right accessories!

15. Beige Floral Print Dress

Beige Floral Print Dress

All the comfort and charm of cottagecore can be found in this beautiful flowing dress. With a plunging neckline, a cascading skirt, and flowing sleeves, it is the epitome of comfort. The best part is that with its highly fashionable design, you can dazzle your date at any event. Wear this to dinner, a movie, or even a nice time out at your local bar. The green on this dress really pops with a little bit of sunlight!

16. Polka Dot Dress

In this dress, your can embrace the understated beauty and comfort of cottagecore while also looking ready to take over fashion week. Adorable white polka dots mix together with detailed traditional style to create a compelling look that will keep your date staring all night long. With a casual blue and a simple tie around the middle, you will love how cute and comfortable this dress is in-person.

17. Floral Dress

Floral Dress

Cottagecore is adorable and freeing, and this dress says it all. With subtle straps and an eye-catching pattern, you will love the attention this dress can bring. It’s uniquely soft blue color highlights your natural beauty while allowing you to really impress with a touch of bold makeup or some vibrant accessories.

18. Jacquard Tiered Dress

Jacquard Tiered Dress

Made for picnics and time spent on a romantic boat ride, this beautiful dress is flirty in the best possible way. Bold puffy sleeves and a simple bow allow you to draw attention in and impress with your beautiful form. It’s split flowing skirt has a fun look that begs to dance on a gentle breeze and also highlights the natural beauty of your legs. With a fun floral design, you will find yourself loving the comfortable feel and fashionable appearance of this one.

19. Vintage Dresses

Cottagecore really shows its best self when the designs veer into more traditional spaces. With this high neckline and loose-fitted sleeves, you can pair the beauty of a more traditional look with the comfort of a simplistic loose design. A dress like this is absolutely perfect for impressing a date at any venue and can be particularly wonderful for meeting the family of your new love interest!


Over the years cottagecore has become more popular, and it is at an all-time high right now. Summer is the perfect season to invest in a cute outfit that will leave you feeling pleasant and like the heroine of a captivating and fantastical story. The right dress will make it easy for you to win the heart of anyone, and you’ll love how you look too! Date night is about to look a whole lot better!

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