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What Is 80s Fashion Like?

by Starryqueen 04 Jul 2021 0 Comments
What Is 80s Fashion Like?

Permed hairstyles, bold styles, and the silhouette are some of the best ways to describe 80s fashion.

Different trends such as biking jackets and ripped tights along with oversized polished Blazers and skirts were the trending styles.

Designer jeans and overalls were also popular.

One of the highlighting features of the 80s fashion is seen as the rule of designer types of denim such as Jordache, Calvin Klein, Gloria Vanderbilt, and Guess.

These types of jeans were especially popular among teenage girls and younger women so they came in different colors and styles.

Coloured jeans, stretch pull jeans and wide-leg jeans were very popular during the 80s.

Although many jeans were flat presented there were some options for pleated front jeans as well.

Along with these pleated, front pants were the obvious choice for mature women

Stonewashed jeans, acid-washed jeans which were earlier worn only by certain sections of the society now entered the mainstream culture.

Different branches and thousands of styles were available for the women living in the 80 to choose from.

Another trend that was popular among the girls was pegging the jeans or folding the bottom or rolling them up to the ankle.

The paperback style was also quite popular.

In the 80s, denim was not only available for jeans but also for jackets, shirts, and overalls.

Another style that gained popularity was the parachute pants which were made from nylon and were available with earth slim cut.


The jumpsuit gained popularity during the disco movement in the 70s it reached its peak during the eighties

Women had many different options to choose from,  they could choose classy jumpsuits and dressy jumpsuits.

During summer many young women preferred light cotton jumpsuits.

Another popular style during the 80s was the coverall style jumpsuit which was inspired by the workwear and had bigger sleeves and legs and was incorporated with buckles snaps and zippers.

80s jumpsuit

The jumpsuit in the 80s is distinguished by a very low cut-and-lose design.

Power suits

As modern women wear entering the workforce they had to adopt clothing that resembled menswear.

The blazers from the 80s are easily recognizable with their extended shoulders and large shoulder pads which are present inside the lining of the jacket.

Women usually used to pair their blazers with a matching pair of slacks and a skirt.

A nude pantyhose would always accompany a skirt and they would also wear coordinating pumps to complete that professional look.


Colored yarns and knitted patterns were the most common kind of sweaters available in the market.

Different stitch and knit patterns were also present in the sweaters.

Novelty sweaters depicting certain animals sceneries and objects were also quite common.

Cardigan and pullover style sweaters started to become more prevalent with turtleneck crew-neck and V neck styles.

80s pullover style sweaters

The teen started to wear oversized sweaters with baggy sleeves and pushed back,  which were usually worn with a pair of slim-cut pants or jeans in a matching color for a street style look.


For work and everyday wear, women start to choose the 40s style collared blouses.

Button-down blouses in different patterns sleeve sizes collar styles and colors that depicted Victorian-style fashion were also quite common.

Knit tops along with polos and button-down casual shirts offered a variety of patterns including a tropical floral print abstract pattern.

Fluorescent and neon colors were also on the rise during the eighties.

Another important trend to notice is the emergence of graphic t-shirts which displayed several kinds of image messages and logos.


The 80s witnessed a resurgence of styles of dresses from the 40s and 50s, women wear now wearing shirtwaist dresses and also wore A-line skirts.

Designers emphasized the neckline and shoulders of the women so most of the dresses had puffed sleeves, detailed necklines, and shoulder pads

Outerwear/ jackets

Women had several options to choose from for outerwear.

During the winter and for fall women usually wore a long coat which was accompanied by a belt.

Fur coats were the go-to dresses that women used to wear for nice occasions.

Leather jackets that signified class and complexity showed a more edgy and rebellious side.

Another outwear which was available for women during the 80s was the denim jackets which followed the same path as the denim jeans which meant they were available in several colors and washes.

80 jacket

Workout clothes

People became more health-conscious during the eighties and started to work out.

This meant the people required a different set of clothes while working out.

The most important workout outfit during the eighties was the tracksuit which included a jacket and pants that were made from polyester fleece or nylon.

The leotard was another popular item that was worn during exercises aerobics and dance.

Leotards were usually paired with leggings or colored tights.

Extremely short nylon shorts that had a contrasting trim and an elastic waistband popularly known as the dolphin shorts became quite common.

Dolphin shorts were often accompanied with crop tops during the summer and some also wore them over bikinis.


In the 80s there were no notable improvements concerning shoes and the already existing design and existing styles such as sandals moccasins, canvas, sneakers, penny loafers, boots, and classic pumps were popular.


The accessories style during the eighties was flashy big and bold.

One of the most notable trends from the 80s was large earrings and were matched with necklaces and bracelets.

Another big Trend was the belts.

The Belts in the 80s  could be small, big or even had decorative buckles and were worn over sweaters, dresses, and long shirts.

Hats were also gaining popularity among women.

Different styles of sunglasses such as wayfarers were extremely popular among women.


The most important feature of the 80s hairstyle is its volume.

Women had a big fluffy head of hair and were accompanied with bangs and this was achieved by curling crimping and getting a perm.

Different hair accessories such as hairbands, scrunchies, clips, hair bows, and headbands were also popular.

80s Hairstyles


Women used a lot of makeup during the eighties such as pink or red blush along with very thick black eyeliner and bright lips.

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