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10 Tips on How to Dress For Your Body Type

by Starryqueen 12 Apr 2021 0 Comments
10 Tips on How to Dress For Your Body Type

I believe the most important thing in fashion is knowing your body shape. It is vital if you want to trust well you need to keep your body shape. In mind there's a foundational crystal and effortless elegance fashion is all about balance.

If you have clothes in your closet that never see the light of day because of the way that make you look then chances are that you are not paying enough attention. So your body shape when you're buying your clothes i don't have the classic hourglass shape a pear on apple body shape. If you don't dress in a way that flatters your body you may never be happy with the clothes that you buy.

So to save your time and money yet then tips on how to dress for your body type.

1.Know what your body shape is

You need to know what your body shape. So truth is that we are all different shapes and size but you can fit people into some general categories. Say shapes range from rectangle throw a spoon to hourglass with a number of different shapes in between. To determine your body shape you are going to start with measuring. Stubble your best measure the fullest part of your bust. Don't put the tip so tight that is squashes and make sure to stay horizontal.

How to Dress

As for the waist wrap the tip measurement around your natural waist measure the smallest part of the natural waist just above your belly button and middle your ribcage. If you've been to the side the crips that forms is your natural waistline.

How to Dress

As for the hips that add one hip below the hip bone and wrap the tape measurement completely around making sure that tip is above the largest part of your part. For most women that measurement is just about at the clutch. Once you have those measurements, you will use them to help determine your body shape.

How to Dress

2.The pear shaped body

Now let's talk about different body shapes which brings us to number two the pear shaped body. A pear shaped body is one where the lower part of your body is larger than the upper part and your hips are wider than your shoulders.

How to Dress

You have this general shape then usually trying to amplify your arms and your waist and draw the attention away from your hips. Whereas strapless tops and tops are our ruffles. So that you balance the top half of your body with your lower part.  Just make sure your tops don't and your heads because that shows unnecessary attention there. Ways then we can combine a towel of fair pants when an attractive i cashing top can play up a purse best features. So the kids need to instantiate your top half.

How to Dress

Another example yeah is if the eyes jones your cute top or the scarf around your neck. It takes the focus off your bottom half. Always wear something darker or slimming on the bottom like dog pants or doc pencil skirts and no that does not mean that you always have to wait dark on the bottom. But just make sure the bottom is solid in color and darker than whatever you have on top. So as a pair you want to attention to your top. A fun color sprin so details around the neck area all serve a purpose of drawing the eye away from the hip area.

3.Moving on to number three the rectangle body shape

The rectangle body shape is where the size of the shoulders hips and waist are all very similar. In this case the best features to emphasize with your clothes are your arms and your legs. Wear clothes a create curves like scoop neck and add layers to your clothes create more dimension. You can also watch dresses with renze to create more shape.

 How to Dress

As for the tops you want to get top stock with more curves and a more feminine silhouette by defining the waist. Like fitted blazers we shouldn't pass to define your waist. And placements or pockets around the bust or shoulders. So you want tops that are flowy around the bust what you don't want our. Vertical petals as i emphasized your straight lines. Square neck tops and fitted tops. As for the bottoms aim to add more curves to your bottom and legs. While waiting in the proportional balance between upper and lower. So you want to go for large back pockets finger hugging and lower exchange. Pencil and the line skirts with since washes.  You don't want to go for straight skirts or baggies styles.

 4.This inverted triangle body shape

Now let's talk about the inverted triangle body shape. If you have relatively body shoulders and chest when compared to your hips and waist and this is what is called inverted triangle or wish body shape. In this case you want to be trying to emphasize your bottom half with bright colors and full skirts. The inverted body shape is characted by both shoulders of burst and narrow down the hips. The strong shoulders often leave this body shape and elliptical looking physical.

How to Dress

Go for dress in this body shape is to balance the bar shoulders chest and back with a narrow lower body to create a balanced silhouette. This actually by choosing clothes that add curves to the hips and bottom you are creating a more defined waist. And the emphasized upper body. Whether it's an elegant oil casual outfit should pay attention to the legs and waist. Avoid our size and on shaped pieces and choose simple and duct pieces for the upper part. Chose angles or bus leaves and lush and v-neck lines. There's an accident making the boosts appear large and less wide.

How to Dress

5.Hourglass shape

In the hourglass shape your hips and your shoulders are roughly the same and you have a waist that is slim relative to the rest of your body. In other words you have the curves that's why you should be aiming to emphasize. Wifey that clothes that emphasize your ship but show off your curves tastefully by not wearing clothes that are too tight. The key to addressing an hourglass body type is to proportionally dress the top and bottom of your body why accentuating your waist. You can create an even curve various effect by proportionately building your upper and lower body. But always transmitted in a balance since that is your best asset.

 How to Dress

Stal advice for hourglass figure well if there's something that you really like funny teller and lame cut the item according to your body. You can also buy a skirt of a large size and let the tailor take care of the rest so that it feels more comfortable. Again and sensual your waistline wearing your belt wrap dresses and a line skirt. That not tight on your body and they give you a very feminine and elegant look. When it comes to colors you can go for dark colors for those body types you want to hide.

6.Apple shape

The apple body shape is used to describe a person who has most of your waist about your hips. Our relatively never and fairly broad upper body shape. The area of your body that you will want to emphasize if you have this type of body shape is your legs. Try wearing shorts discussed to show off your legs and try to wear the same color top and discuss to create a monochrome effect. But who wanted a smallest part of your waist also give more ships you overall look.

How to Dress

As for the tops you want to find tops that enhance the bottom of your bust and shoulders why and for sizing your waistline. And when browsing for bottom stick to those that and hells your natural curls without adding extra pocket ness.

7.Choose colors and powders wisely

Whatever your particular body shape is if you have any bumps or curves you render height and wear dark colors or solid colors above those areas. And waverider patters on areas you want to emphasize.

8.How does your attention to or away from your waistline

But you can easily draw attention to the waist by wearing a belt or just a pinch at the waistline. This will also create an illusion of a waist if your figure is really fairly straight if you have an upper body shape. Though it is best wear clothes i will hang loosely and flat out from just under the chest and under the waist.

9. you know your weight

Another quick tip on how to dress for your body shape is when choosing your clothes you need to consider your weight as well as your body shape. If you are on a british side avoid full-length coats and maxi dresses which will be too much for you. And we're close to have vertical stripes we should make you look taller.

10.Only wear what you feel comfortable in

Whatever your body shape may be only wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. Because your self-confidence is just as important as the clothes you wear. There's never any need to walk around with clothes that make you feel conspicuous uncomfortable.

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