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The 11 Best Petite Fashion Tips: Styling and Shopping advice for Petite women

by Starryqueen 22 Jul 2021 0 Comments
The 11 Best Petite Fashion Tips: Styling and Shopping advice for Petite women

Before writing the fashion tips, it is essential to define the word “petite”. Petite as a noun is the set of clothes for women having a small height or figure. There is no exact number, but generally, women having a height less than 5 feet and 5 inches are considered petite women.  

Researches show that many petite women become to a victim of depression or inferiority complex about their personality. One of the main reasons is to view oneself from others eyes. However, there is always a way to change the appearance and gain confidence.

This way is called “Fashion”. Fashions are always there to make one appear confident and strong. Being a petite woman is not at all a weakness. However, any factor in life can cause an inferiority complex if one focus on it more than required.

In this article, our primary focus is on the 11 fashion tips that will help confident and confuse petite women to be confident and strong, respectively. Let’s look at the 11 tips one by one.

Tip 1:  Body Type

An outfit is never guaranteed to appear beautiful on everyone.  For example, a skin-tight shirt looks gorgeous on a slim person, but not is the case for fat people. Similarly, people with bigger belly sizes prefer to wear loose clothes which does not suit slim or skinny people.

A question arises that, “What is the main difference?”. The main difference is body type.  A few of the famous body types are hourglass, pear, apple, rectangle and lower triangle. Learn about your body type and wear accordingly.

Such as hourglass, pear, apple rectangle and lower triangle shapes the clothes like the cocktail dress, line fit and flare, empire line, t-shirts and scoop neck found to appear gorgeous, respectively.

Tip 2:  Wear something that makes it look higher

If you have a short height, the first thing that comes to mind is the high heel. High heels give a person confidence. However, wearing very high heels is not recommended.

The main reason is very high heels become a point of focus. Once it happens, it can cause some trouble as the actual height may become a focal point. However, one should always entertain matching skills. For example, try to match the color of heels with the clothes.

Tip 3:  Makeup Selection

Have you ever hear about love at first sight? It is always about the face. You look at the faces of the other and fell in love. When you look beautiful other factors become out of context. Here are few makeup tips.

First of all, if you can afford a makeup artist and stylist, do visit a parlor. If not, remember heavy makeup is not a good idea unless it’s bridal makeup. Light makeup keeps you beautiful with a more original look.

No heavy makeup with a small amount of foundation, and lipstick and eyebrows adjustments are fair enough. If your complexion is on the whiter side, red or darker shades of lipstick are better options. For the face on the darker side, brighter shades like pink colors attract others.   

Tip 4: Color of Dress

A color that is never out of fashion is black. For a more attractive appearance, a white blouse enhances the impact of the black suit. The critical point in all the tips is to appear beautiful.

The eastern dresses with embroidery have found to be in fashion for petite women. This is because the design and art of the dresses speak for themselves. For women, pink color with a mixture of white is also a very exceptional combination, the pink color natural color for the female to wear. Natural colors are the best colors, so don’t avoid pink.

Tip 5: Type of Dresses

Type of dresses focuses mainly on the body type as mentioned in Tip 1. However, there are general dresses that suit well on petite women. The dresses which the stylist of petite women highly recommends are fit and flare, in other words, skater dresses.

The main reason for the choice is that these dresses are open at the bottom. Hence, people can’t focus on your butt and thighs.

In general, wrap, empire waistline, belted, maxi and lacey dresses also found to appear gorgeous and attractive besides skater dresses on petite women. The main reason is that these dresses cannot allow others to focus on figures and height. That gives more confidence.

Tip 6: Dresses no to wear

One crucial tip is what not to wear. Stylists do not recommend loose and puffy dresses for puffy women mainly because their appearance is overwhelmed, and being overwhelmed is something to be avoided.

Make sure that your dress is in contrast or matching with your makeup. As soon as you manage your body and appearance, there is nothing to worry.

Tip 7: Accessories

As the world is progressing and more and more and more women are becoming professional, women wearing many accessories is not common nowadays. Even many people consider it to be less classy.

The general rule is to wear three accessories, including a wristwatch, necklace and ring. That is called simple elegance. For every petite woman being elegant is the key to success to gain confidence.

Tip 8: The Bra Selection

The petite girl with a bigger chest should try a minimizer bra. It helps you lift the bust, look slimmer, keep in good proportion and improve your posture. The better you feel better you will move into society.

Tip 9: The hair Style

The hair is first point of focus. Neither short nor very long hair, but the medium size just below the shoulders are best for petite women. Both shorter and longer hair in size appears shorter in height. Don’t forget to dye the hair into the best color that suits you.

Tip 10: Choose Neckline

Many stylists agree on the fact that V-type necklines are most suitable for petite women. Firstly, the V-type neckline appears longer in height. As well as its vertical shape, keep the eyes in an up-down position.  

The T-type neckline is also famous among models. It increases the attractiveness of a person.

Tip 11: Selection of Jeans

For petite women, the choice of jeans can be categorized into two. First for petite figure and second for petite height. The recommended jeans are wide-leg, slim or skinny, and mid or high rise for a petite figure. For height, heigh waisted, slim or skinny and pleated jeans are recommended.

These 11-tips are almost general, and every petite woman can try these. However, as a famous saying, “The best thing one can wear is confidence” is always true. Be sure to be confident, strong and enthusiastic.

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