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How To Find Your Personal Style And Dress "You style"

by Starryqueen 20 Jul 2021 0 Comments
How To Find Your Personal Style And Dress "You style"

One of the most significant achievements in life is self-recognition. However, among many self-recognition traits, one is to find out personal style and dress to improve the personality.

A good sense of fashion helps to enhance the style and dress selection. It is very beneficial if a person knows the answer to what style and dress suit him. Following are the tips for finding out your style and clothing.

What do you have?

Never underestimate what you have mainly about the dresses. These dresses will let you take a right or wrong decision about yourself. The first step is to put on the clothes one by one and look into the mirror. The clothes you find cool separate them. It was the first judgement of yours about your fashion.

After putting on each selection, ask yourself questions, does this dress made me happy? Am I looking decent? Is this dress better than the previous one? The answer to these questions will let you know the way and direction toward your style.

How To Find Your Personal Style


Is there any famous actor or teacher or colleague or fashion designer whose dress inspired you? Or are you inspired by anyone dress sense? If yes, try to copy clothes that appear like them, then put them on and judge yourself do you look as cool as your inspiration.

It is hard to find yourself better than your inspirational personality. However, compare yourself with your previous appearance and find out when you appear more attractive.

Why do you need to find your style?

It is a fundamental question. That what exactly do you want from yourself. Are you a university student who wants to look nerd or funny or attractive or mixtures of all these? Or are you professionals working in a firm and want to look serious and mature?

Maybe an actor who wants everyone to follow him? So when you next time buys your clothes, you can search on the internet which color represent our idea of the dress. When you put it on, you must get the feeling of desire you want from the dress if you don’t get it to change it. Remember, the best clue about you is in your mind look into the mirror and decide.

How to find your personal style

Brand Selection

As far as brand selection is considered, it is true that the quality of cloth and brand work is done in more professional ways. One can rely on a brand, but the first thing is how it looks on you. You can stick to one brand as per your satisfaction but neglecting all the other brands is unfair. You should at least keep an eye on two or three brands.

Be Confident

It is a bit challenging part, once you select your dress and you want to try it in front of others. Make sure to be confident. You can judge from other people eyes. Even some close friends can help you to explain it to you honestly.  But whatever you did, be confident about it as you are in a learning stage.

Losing confidence can make you less constructive about your personality growth. Always be proud and satisfied with your choices. Your mission is to impress yourself, not others. On the day when you will be confident about yourself, everyone will like you.

Never Stop Experimenting

Among many evaluating phenomena, one is fashion and style. If you are confident about your style and dress selection at some stage, make sure that it is not a constant. The world is evaluating very fast. Everything is updated.

How To Find Your Personal Style

You need to be updated as well, but keep in mind that the basics remain the same. It is not very hard, but sometimes change is difficult. So, please do not stop experimenting, you might get it wrong, and it will be a lesson to learn.

Be Creative

Creativity is not only your unique tool. It is something that inspires others about you. One of the main factors in learning about your choices and standards is becoming an inspiration for others. Be creative and keep changing your style and rotating along with your options.

Two main things in any dress are color and design. Change them one by one and together. You will find that sometimes you may not impress by your wardrobes, but others will do it. Creativity sometimes impresses everyone, sometimes only a few.

Opinion of Others

Sometimes it is vital to take the opinion of others. It is a difficult stage because a sincere reviewer may break your heart by saying the words you want, expecting. It is challenging, but in the learning stage, listen to other opinions. You must not focus on all the points mention by others, but only on those you think you need to improve.

How To Find Your Personal Style

It is because you are searching for your style and dress. You can change your style but not all the things on other opinions. Also, make sure to discuss with someone trustworthy. Sometimes, people get confused or jealous not to evaluate your problem correctly.

Make Collage of Pictures

It is an exciting stage. Always take a picture of your dress whenever you feel happy to dress up. Make a collage of photographs in one collage that made your mood happier. Then figure out the happiest. It will allow you to move closer to what exactly do you want.

Collage is a tool used by many fashion designers for self-learning of their satisfaction. Many customers like to see a booklet of collages with different styles and dresses to make their selection.

It is a comparison problem to figure out the best one. However, it becomes a funny situation when multiple people try to find one wardrobe from many photographs. It is the importance of technology, keep evolving.

Focus on things other than dress

Consider a three-piece suit with sleepers in the feet. It is disgusting. Self-style not only focuses on the dress but shoes as well. Below jeans typically joggers look better. However, dress pants required dress shoes. When you follow our inspiration, also follow their boots.


The hairstyle, don’t forget to update it with time. Usually, hairdressers give you a better idea of how to do it. Do not forget to share your own opinion.  Never force the view of the hairdresser upon yours.

I wish you success in finding your style and dress.

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