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5 Style Tips To Look 10 Years Younger

by Starryqueen 15 May 2022 0 Comments
5 Style Tips To Look 10 Years Younger

Who wants to look older? Nobody, unless you're like 25, and you wanna look more professional. So today we're going to focus on that.And one of the keys to looking as youthful as possible, is to really dress the part.

We are going to share tips to help you dress, and look 10 years younger. I'm gonna take some concepts that are not so great. We're gonna put them through the time machine. We're gonna recreate those looks, and help you look and dress 10 years younger.

Clothes can make a huge impact. Clothes can like make you look slimmer, or they can make you look taller.

-They can make you look more sophisticated.

-They can make you look more expensive.

-They can make you look more successful.

-They can make you look younger.

So you'll see befores and afters, and we're gonna really dive in, and tackle some of these tips to help you, so that when you are putting outfits together, you can really think, "Does that look like frumpy, maybe a little?"

women clothing

Little tiny bit, or does it look modern, useful and sophisticated? We think you'll see the difference. And I think this hopefully will be really helpful to you, when you are getting dressed each and every morning.

Tip number one, this is one of the biggest offenders that we see across the board for women, especially over the age of 40.

Pick your prints very carefully. we think a little more in a store. And we see this really pretty fun print, oversized, voluminous print. We're like, "That's nice."

So it is something we have talked about before, which is when you walk into the store, you don't necessarily wanna buy those basic pieces.


You gravitate toward the bold colors, and the fun things, and the sparkle, and the shiny. So it's really understandable that you would gravitate toward a really loud oversized print. The problem is prints are really tricky.

We mean really tricky. Finding a sophisticated, modern, youthful print is incredibly hard. It's like when in doubt, don't wear prints, basically.

And that's a bold statement, right? We see a lot of women over 40, especially wearing these big, giant oversize prints. They don't necessarily look sophisticated, and they are certainly not youthful, they're not doing anybody any favors.

So here's an example of an oversized print.

We bought this very recently, at a very popular store, geared for women over 40.


It is a cinched waist, maxi dress in black and white. And it is a huge oversize white floral print. The problem with the oversized print is that it makes you look larger all over.

The other problem with this print, is that we don't think it's sophisticated, we don't think it's youthful, we don't think it's modern, and it's doing meet zero favors.

Even with the cinched waist, and the line skirt, you would think it has all of the the right formula

to be a great dress, but it doesn't look good on model.

-It is swallowing female model up.

-It's making female model look bigger.

-It also makes female model look older, and that is something we don't want, right?

So let's put it through the time machine.

Here we go. Here's an option that is much more youthful, and modern, and sophisticated. This is a similar concept, cinched waist, maxi dress with black, and a very small scale print, which is key.

Small scale will always make you look smaller. In this case, small-scale also makes you look more youthful. It also makes you look more current, less dated.

This dress by Nvuvu.


But just think about what you have in your closet, and if you have any smaller scale, sophisticated prints.

If not, this could be one of those things that you write down for your thrift store shopping list, or your outlet store shopping list, or just your shopping list in general.

But remember you don't ever have to go out and spend a ton of money. You can always find ways to save money. 

But with this dress by Nvuvu, we paired it with a really chic Valentino belt.

Doesn't have to be a Valentino belt though. we wanted to highlight the waist. And so the belt really highlights the waste, but it also adds a modern touch to the look.

And then on model feet, we have instead of the comfort shoes from the first look, I have on a pair of wedges by Treasure and Bond from Nordstrom.

So these are really comfortable wedge, very secure because of the ankle strap, but they are heel.

Let's take a look at these two looks side-by-side. When you see the after, you notice what?


Model look smaller, look longer, look more youthful.

Model look more modern, more sophisticated, more elegant, more chic, right?

Can you see how that small-scale print is doing that? Can you see how this print is more sophisticated? We think this makes it really easy to see that. Tip number two is huge when it comes to looking and dressing younger.

Ditch dated jeans.

So if you were wearing a pair of jeans like these, that are cropped in a weird place, that have some cutesy, pompom detailing and embroidering at the cuff, that are saggy in the butt.

So it looks like you have a load in your drawers. Every time you wear them, they stretch out so much, it looks literally like you took a dump in your pants, sorry, for lack of a better word.

That is not a good look. You need a good pair of jeans. And you don't to break the bank doing that.


There are plenty of affordable options, the outlet store route, the thrift store route, E-bay, RealReal, Vestiaire Collective, you can do on sale.

Choosing modern jeans, ditching the dated genes, can make such a big difference in your overall look.

And model wearing a t-shirt with horizontal stripes. It's okay, and you can do it if you wear a jacket over it. But when you wear it alone, it's really not the best idea, because it really can add some volume across the top.

So let's put this look through the time machine, ready.

Let's take it back 10 years.


Here is the look after.


So now instead of dated jeans, we have on modern skinny jeans.

-These jeans are by Nvuvu.

-They're called the Natasha Jeans.

-They are an ankle length.

-They are a particularly great length for petites.

But the jeans also come in regular lengths for those of you who are taller. With the Nvuvu jeans,

Model wearing just a simple white blouse by Free People, but it does, again, have a very modern feel to it.

Don't underestimate the power accessories and shoes. You can got on a pair of flat top sunglasses. So that's a great detail that adds a modern touch to look.

And then on you feet, put on a pair of really cute the brown sandals.


These are also comfort sandals for those of you who really need a supportive pair of comfortable sandals. And they're really cute. Tip number three to help you dress younger, is to be aware of boxy styles.

You could wear your comfort shoes, whatever you find. Keeping in mind that you want the shoes to be youthful and modern. It is really hard to find incredibly comfortable shoes, that are also youthful and modern. It is like finding a unicorn.

So when you find them, you'll hold onto them. So you grab those, and you are excited, right? But remember, you need to shop your own closet.

You don't need to go out and spend a fortune. You also can find other ways to buy those modern, even designer pieces that you want for less.


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