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40 Weight Loss Tips That Will Make You Scream

by Starryqueen 10 May 2022 0 Comments
40 Weight Loss Tips That Will Make You Scream

Learn to eat healthy

1. Avoid the monoculture of food. Only meals consisting of a variety of foods can meet the body's needs for energy and various nutrients.

2. Choose to eat food with shells. For example, peanuts in the shell, batanas, etc.. Some experiments have shown that this shelling process allows you to consume fewer calories.

3. Cooking as much as possible to use the way boiled. This way can retain food nutrients. At the same time can also reduce the intake of calories.

4You can drink a glass of skim milk at breakfast. Supplement calcium and high quality protein.

5. Add avocado to the fruit. It is rich in nutrients and can promote the body's metabolism.


6Control the intake of high starch vegetables. Do not make the mistake of thinking that vegetables can be eaten in large quantities. High-starch vegetables will only make you eat more and more fat. High-starch vegetables include: potatoes, yams, roots, etc.

7Drink more water and green tea. If the body is dehydrated it is easy for you to have the illusion of hunger, and green tea contains antioxidants that help fat burning.

8. Eat more bean food. Soy foods are rich in protein and other beneficial ingredients. The average daily intake of soybeans 25-35 grams is optimal.

9. More intake of dietary fiber. It can promote intestinal peristalsis and reduce the absorption of fat during digestion.

10. Choose more whole grain foods. Increase satiety at the same time can weaken the excessive fluctuations of blood sugar and reduce the accumulation of fat.

11. Eat food can not be too salty. If the body consumes too much salt is easy to cause edema.

12. Eat less highly processed foods. Highly processed foods contain trans fatty acids that are difficult to be broken down by the body.

13. Drink soup before meals, not thick soup, but choose clear soup. This will make it easier for you to feel full when you eat.

14. Each meal to consume the right amount of protein. Repair muscle while accelerating the body's metabolism, the effect of fat consumption.

15. The main meal medium full. Both for health benefits, but also to avoid excessive calorie intake.

16. Brush your teeth after meals. Can effectively control appetite and eliminate the bad habit of craving.

17. When making salad, use balsamic vinegar instead of creamy salad dressing. It can reduce the calorie intake by about 200 calories.

fruit salad

Life habits are important

18. Choose a small or blue dinner plate. Smaller plates allow you to eat less, while blue plates are easier to control appetite than other colors.

19. Slow down the speed of eating. In the slow eating process, it is easy to produce a sense of satiety.

20. Do not sit down soon, not stretched legs. These bad habits will make your lower body more likely to gain weight. Sit properly and move around more.

21. Choose a spray oil bottle. Instead of a spiked oil bottle, so you can reduce the amount of oil when frying.

22. Do household chores. Do more housework can help the body to consume calories, but also to make the living environment more comfortable, killing two birds with one stone.

23. Do not always sit on the couch to watch TV. When the TV show ends and starts advertising, you can stand up and do some exercises. For example, push-ups and sit-ups.

push ups

24. Every phase of weight loss results, give yourself a small reward. This can boost confidence in weight loss.

25. Early to bed and early to rise, and less late at night. Adequate sleep can improve the body's metabolism and help eliminate waste.

26. Relax and release stress. Excessive stress will make the body metabolism imbalance, and easily lead to eating too much.

27. Every morning set a simple goal for themselves. For example, do not eat and drink with friends after work, refuse late night snacks, etc.

28. Take the elevator less, more stairs. Every ten minutes of stair climbing, you can burn 100 calories.


Exercise is essential

29. Do more deep squatting exercise. The deep squat exercise uses the body's larger muscle groups, which helps the maintenance of muscles and the shaping of lines.

30. The combination of aerobic exercise and strength training. Aerobic exercise can reduce body fat, strength training can increase muscle content and consume excess body heat.

31. And partner exercise together. Couples exercise at the same time will allow both sides to adhere to the possibility of exercise greatly increased.

32. Choose the right sports equipment. A comfortable set of sports equipment will make your exercise more smooth.

33. The use of intermittent exercise methods. Can improve the calorie consumption after exercise and increase the enjoyment of exercise.

34. Do a good warm-up activity. Ensure that the exercise time, so you can ensure that you can have a good state when exercising.

35. Choose the elliptical machine with handles as fitness equipment. This can also synchronize the exercise arm muscles, increasing the total calorie burn.

36. Get up every morning to do a few push-ups. The upper body muscle training can make you feel motivated, calories continue to burn. 37, walk with a pedometer. Walk at least 6000 steps a day.


38. Pay attention to the breathing rhythm when exercising. Adjust the breathing rhythm according to different exercises to make the exercise a little more relaxed.

39. The calories burned by 10 minutes of jumping rope is equivalent to 15 minutes of jogging. So do not mention weight loss only think of running. Let yourself try more different sports, you can avoid the body to adapt to the pace of exercise and enter the bottleneck.

40. Don't "omit" to relax after exercise finishing activities. This can promote the breakdown of lactic acid to avoid muscle soreness.


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