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Do You Know The Fashion Of Modern Women?

by Starryqueen 11 Jul 2021 0件のコメント
Do You Know The Fashion Of Modern Women?

Globalization has greatly influenced the incorporation and the establishment of a global clothing trend around the world.

The trends in fashion from the 2000s are rightly described as a mix of several influences from around the world.

It also included an intermixing of fashion styles from previous generations.

Companies and countries are now looking to establish ethical eco-friendly recycled clothing practices.

Fashion trends from 2000

Technology greatly influenced the kicking in of fashion during the early 2000s.

Futuristic monochromatic influences led to the purchase of heavy use buckle traps that were shiny and metallic became part of the common culture.

This is known as the Y2K fashion.

When Apple launched its iPod it was called an accessory, which people used to style with their clothes.

Y2K clothing included handkerchief tops,  box pleated skirts, mesh tops, wraparound sunglasses, leather skirts, halter tops, satin skirts, and concert T-shirts.

Casual fashion during 2000 included belly shirts,  tube top sweaters, denim jackets, aviator sunglasses, oversized hoop earrings, and wedge flip flops.

modern fashion

Casual chic

Early 2000 witnessed the ongoing influence of the 90s fashion influenced by pop stars such as  Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears.

The military look which is now common conveyed modern wake dystopian trends.

Long-sleeved shirts with Bell sleeves, lower rise pants, flash jeans, Burberry crop top, cargo pants, daisy dukes, bright-colored thighs, and hip huggers were popular during the 2000s.

The developments during 9/11 and the 2001 mortgage crisis introduced conservatism in fashion.

This saw the development of denim again and jeans were acceptable as an all-round piece of clothing.

Logos and social classes expressed comfort and stability in fashion

Lower waisted pants and they more flared than the previous generation of pants and included more embroidery.

Another popular trend was wearing and using chunky shoes and sandals.

Revival of 1980 fashion

2000 witnessed a revival of the 1986 fashion.

Ripped distressed jeans, trench coat, puffy jackets mini skirts were all the rage.

trench coat

American and European women sported low-top sneakers from brands like Reebok Nike Adidas and Skechers.

Pointed toes and spiked heels were also worn by women.

Popular accessory purchases included trucker hats, Jelly shoes, leg warmers Jelly bracelets.

The impact of Sex and city

The widely popular television show Sex and the City had a great influence on how women’s shopping and dressing.

This show portrayed women as independent and empowered them to choose a style they wanted to.

Characters of the show also became famous fashion icons across the country.

Berets, large fabric flowers stilettos, and designer handbags were popularized by the show.

large fabric flowers stilettos

Fashion during mid-2000

Although the trends from the early 2000 continued people wear more into designer items such as Prada sneakers, Kate spade wallets Louis Vuitton bags, and Christian Dior Saddlebags.

Some of the popular trends during the mid-2000s includes infantile dresses, 60s style peacoats, tunics, pen vintage clothing, new look dresses, and sandals crops, cargo pants, low rise jeans, Tube tops, yoga pants, thong underwear, white lead shirt, whale tails, tracksuit Bono, and Hippie inspired dresses.

Skinny jeans which were introduced in 2005 became widely popular in 2006.

Converse, chucks, Sperry top-sider replaced the high-heeled shoes.

Important accessories include necklaces, drop earrings, shutter shades, crucifixes, belt buckles, and African bangles.

Influences from middle eastern and Indian cultures such as small scar purity rings, simple jewelry, slave bracelet, and jewelry from eco-friendly materials were also popular.

Late 2000

The late 2000s witnessed the second wave of 80s revival which included bringing early 90s streetwear such as gladiator sandals, wonderbra, pale denim jeggings, kinky boots, slap bracelets, geometric pattern dresses, and sweater dress.

Fashion trends from 2010-2020

The 2010 fashion is influenced by athleisure hipster culture alternate fashions, unisex elements skater culture and swag inspired outfits.

skater culture

This period also was is greatly influenced by social media culture and influencers on Instagram and Pinterest.

Fashion in 2020

The fashion culture in 2020 was a huge deviation from the fashion which was present during 2010.

This period witnessed the emergence of unisex clothes promoted by famous brands around the world.

The influences of social media are far greater than any other generation.

Companies started adopting social media marketing tools and frequently collaborated with celebrities and influencers to promote their products

People also started to wear clothing items that are associated with political causes and logans for different movements such as black lives matter and veganism.

Generation Z  uses platforms such as Tiktok in due to display their all-black outfit, multicolored hair, and makeup that is inspired by emo culture.

90s revival

Unequivocally rejected the form-fitting fashion that was present during 2010, due to the presence of coronavirus lockdown.

Vintage fair trade and clothing that are vegan friendly and free from leather and wool got mainstream attraction.

There was also the rejection of fast fashion clothes due to the non-availability of ready-made clothes caused by the pandemic.

The Fall of 2020  marked the change of American and British women from skinny clothes to loose baggy sweatpants that are made from upcycled fabric.

loose pants

Due to the imposition of covid lockdown dress codes at workplaces became more casual and companies adopted a work from home model.

Many women, because of this started to wear casual bottoms like pajama bottoms and shorts with formal blouses while conducting video conferences.

1960s revival 

The 2021 summer witnessed the revival of 1960 psychedelic fashion in many countries.

Younger women were now wearing Cottagecore,  prairie dresses that contain embroidery depicting flowers, and flared trousers.

Coronavirus and fashion

The coronavirus pandemic had a severe impact on the fashion industry as the government-mandated closing down of manufacturing plants and stones to avoid the spread of the virus.

This has also resulted in major losses for many companies across the world.

That being said there has been an increasing demand for designer face marks during the pandemic. For example, a company in Italy created a pair of matching face marks and bikinis.

Therefore, fashion is ever-changing and ever-evolving, but the pandemic has had far-reaching consequences on the fashion industry. More and more people are now moving away from the conventional ideas of fashion and looking for more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

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