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What You Need To Know About 90s Fashion

by Starryqueen 08 Jul 2021 0 Comments
What You Need To Know About 90s Fashion

Contrary to the expressive flashy styles which were in place during the 80s, the nineties witnessed the return of minimalist fashion.

During the 90s people started to adopt ear piercing, body piercings, and tattoos and started to diminish the presence of other body modifications such as branding.

With the coming of alternative rock and grunge music, people started to adopt a lot of the looks which were kept by those musicians.

The casual-chic look was also brought forward to the mainstream culture due to the anti-conformist approach to fashion.


The nineties witnessed the continuation of a lot of the trends which began during the eighties such as the continuation of washed acid jeans.

90s Jeans

Women mostly wore tapered leg jeans which were high rise/ high-waisted joined at the waist which also gave rise to the wedgie butt known as mum jeans.

Fall fashion

During winter and fall, people adopted an earthy palette that was casual and cool.

Corduroy, cotton, and polyester pleated waist pants that were made from polyester came in grey, solid, plaid, and brown color.

Long dresses

Women during the nineties adopted the long skirts of the 50s with a belt that was wide and padded shoulder to spot a conservative fashion look.

Both the fall and summer fashion was accompanied by sandals and flats.

Very big belts with matching and contrasting colors were also worn during the nineties.

Tropical prints also saw a Revival and attaining popularity during the mid-nineties.

90s long dresses


The Blazers worn during the nineties was the carry-over time from the 80s and 70.

They were very long and had low notch lapels with one button closure which was worn formally and casually.


Celebrities such is going Gwen Stefani and Christina Aguilera popularised chokers as the quintessential 90s accessory.

Chokers were ideal for all kinds of occasions.

Hoop earrings

This accessory was made popular during the 90s, because of its bohemian look.

Hoop earrings come in different styles shapes and sizes and work well with almost all kinds of casual outfits.

Hoop earrings

Crop tops

Low-rise pants paired with crop tops were quite common during the 90s. Midriff revealing tops come in different styles such as cami, cropped halter, and short sleeves.


Another popular item that would compliment any casual outfit was the scrunchies.

These were a major part of women's hair and can be seen  in different styles such as velvet, satin, fabric, etc


The fashion Industries love with denim did not stop in the 80s,  it continued throughout the nineties and is still prevalent in our fashion industry.

The nineties denim look can be differentiated from the eighties because it had a softer silhouette.

Denim jackets, denim skirts, and dresses were made in such a way that they could be worn all year round.

Midi skirts

The button-down midi skirt shows a Revival during the nineties,  it is is considered a casual soft romantic, and classy outfit.

90s skirt

Women paired the midi skirt with a pullover shirt and button-down blouses along with a pair of sandals during summer and winters they wore tall boots.

Paring the midi skirt with some warm tights and a fluffy sweater,  you will have a modern autumn outfit.

Edwardian and Victorian influences such as bow ruffles, girly details, and lace trims were also quite common.

The Cottage core provides an aesthetic that displayed a vintage farmhouse style that also gained popularity during the nineties.


The color block pattern puffer jacket was huge. noisy and puffy was made from nylon and had oversized pockets. Useless zippers were also quite common among them.

Western jackets with a suede fringe that had an oversized sleeve and padded from the shoulders and arms will show you a classic western look.


Most of the shoes during the nineties could be paired with any outfit.

Heels were popular and colorful, accompanied by dresses and dress suits, and the heel height also dropped to 2 inches.

The flat was popular and different casual canvas from other brands such as converse and sketches and unbranded espadrilles and sling bags and loafers were common among the women during the summer.

All these styles were also present in leather.  

Boots for booties are used to define short lace-up boots, these were the ideal candidate for winter.

Sneakers such as high-top sneakers and low-top running shoes in casual and primary colors were available and were worn to the gym.  

Many mothers wore heels but during the later part of the day were wearing sneakers.

Sandals that were strappy and flat and were the ideal footwear for summer.

90s Sandals

Women usually paired them with skirts.

Hair and makeup

The most common kind of look during the 90s was the soft look.

Long loose tresses and short bob-cut hair were two of the most common hairstyles in the 90s.

Women also had the option to style their hair which was naturally straight and curly with modern styling devices.

The makeup during the 90s was also natural and soft which included blush light shades of lipstick and eyeshadow.

The effect of eyeshadows and eyeliners was subtle.

Another look that gained prominence during the nineties was the tanned looked which was ideal for all kinds of skin tones that was achieved with the help of sun tanning.

Women also used expressive colors for their names such as neon, silver, green, blue, and gold.

Hip Hop fashion

The nineties was strongly influenced by hip hop,  the colorful overalls were made popular after members of different bands wore them.

Iconic Hip Hop fashion looks would include an athletic windbreaker bandana and an athletic Calvin Klein sports bra with black joggers and white Adidas sneakers.

Destiny's child wore low-rise jeans Tommy Hilfiger logo top and white sneakers.

The top brands during the hip-hop fashion of the 19th include Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Polo, and Guess jeans.

90s grunge fashion

The grunge fashion during the nineteenth was authentic feisty and edgy.

A common outfit from the grunge era includes distressed jeans and flannel shirts.

Another version of the branch outfit includes wearing a mini slip dress over a pair of fishnets and leather boots.

Platform boots with ribbond tops and patterned cargo pants are another popular option for you to try out.

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