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Tips For Wearing An 18th Birthday Dress

by Starryqueen 13 Sep 2021 0 Comments
Tips For Wearing An 18th Birthday Dress

Birthday is the time of the year that gets you excited no matter how old you are. Children are always eager to celebrate their birthdays with their friends and family, have a grand birthday party with cakes, balloons, birthday decoration, goodies and gifts.

Some of that excitement carries on in to our adult years and it is not in the least surprising that most adults, with a few exceptions of course, also enjoy a celebration, big or small; on their birthday. After all, we all deserve to feel special and celebrate ourselves for at least one day in a year, don’t you agree?

Tips For Wearing An 18TH Birthday Dress

The 18th Birthday

Speaking of birthdays, although every birthday is special, there are some that are extra ordinary. The first birthday when your parents want to celebrate the completion of your first year in the world will always be a cherished memory.

Your thirteenth birthday marks your official entry in the teen years; the years of adolescence when you are on your way to becoming an adult. The sweet sixteen also has a place of its own and we see many teenagers going all out on their sixteenth birthday parties.

When you turn 18, that’s when you officially come of age and become an adult. It is indeed an important milestone because you become an adult legally; you can vote in elections, you can buy a car etc and thus enjoy the privileges that come with becoming an adult.

Tips For Wearing An 18TH Birthday Dress

However it also means that now that you are an adult in the eyes of the law, you have to follow the laws and you have responsibilities as well which must be taken care of.

What to wear

But before all that sinks in, and you gear up to face the adult life problems and challenges, there is one important thing that needs to be taken care of and that is your 18th birthday party. Whether big or small, you must absolutely celebrate your special day to mark a special milestone in your life.

Now there are many ways in which you can have an 18th birthday celebration to mark this absolutely epic event in your life and make it memorable. However you decide to mark the occasion, you need an amazing outfit to compliment it so you can feel good, take instagram worthy photos and enjoy looking back at them. So prepare and plan well because you will remember this forever.

Unless you are the kind who likes impromptu plans, it is always a good idea to plan ahead and decide on what you want to do and what you want to wear. Let’s look at a few outfit options considering how your 18th birthday celebration plans turn out to be

Tips For Wearing An 18th Birthday Dress

  •  It’s a low key affair

If you want to have a low key celebration with a few friends and family, you might be planning on going for a nice dinner in an elegant restaurant and you would probably like to wear something that is not fussy but looks chic and classy at the same time.

You may want to dress for the part and look mature and sophisticated. You can easily achieve that look by wearing a cute stylish top with dress pants. Pair it up with nice modern heels and a clutch to compliment the outfit. Tops with ruffled sleeves are great way to add oomph to your style.

A silk mid length skirt may also be worn with a blouse or silk top to give you that refined modern and mature look. A nice pair of court shoes and elegant jewelry will complete the look.

Tips For Wearing An 18TH Birthday Dress

If a low key celebration turns out to be a brunch with people you are close to, you can achieve a modern day time look with a nice off shoulder floral patterned dress, a smoked top with crop pants or a mid-length skirt even.

 • It’s all about the ladies

So you have turned eighteen but you are still not feeling like it. You are not yet ready to let go of the fashion sense you carried in your adolescent years, yet you want to dress up maturely for the part and have a good time.

If you have planned an evening birthday party to celebrate with your girlfriends, you can dress up for the occasion by wearing a lovely dress that is elegant yet makes you look like a little princess all dressed up for her birthday party.

A long dress in a light fabric in pastel colors would be ideal in this case. A powder blue, light pink or mauve or a pale yellow dress long flowing dress with loose curls and light makeup would be ideal.

Tips For Wearing An 18th Birthday Dress

 • Partying hard

In a mood to paint the town red? You are feeling festive and want to celebrate with your girl pals and party hard in to the night. You may be hitting the clubs to dance a little to the music. A sexy little number would be great for this kind of celebration. An off shoulder or a sleeveless midi dress would look great.

Strappy dresses with v neck in dark colors would make for a great party outfit. Your little black dress will always be your best friend and make you feel great on a night out. Pair up your dress with pointy heels, a sleek hair style and bold makeup especially for the eyes and you are ready to conquer the night.

 • Going all out; the bling factor

If you are the kind of girl who likes grand parties, you are most likely to go all out and have a grand birthday celebration. We say, go all out and bring out all the bling you can.

Tips For Wearing An 18th Birthday Dress

Like all trendy celebrities who like to wear bling numbers on their parties, you too can achieve that look by wearing a glittery sparkly gown or a midi dress that shines brighter than the stars. A nice pair of shiny high heels and bold jewelry along with sleek hair and bold eye makeup is sure to make you stand out on your special day.

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