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The Ultimate Guide To Shorts With Tights

by Starryqueen 24 Aug 2021 0 Comments
The Ultimate Guide To Shorts With Tights

Over the years we have seen fashion evolve in many ways. Trends come and go; what is fashionable at one time may not be so much in another. Some trends are there to stay while some fade away quickly; and people rapidly move on to the next big thing.

While there are some trends that make a comeback; the boot cut or baggy jeans for instance. While some fashion trends become widely popular and easily acceptable, some trends are just not for everyone.

A bold style statement

Not everyone feels comfortable in wearing a certain style. How many times have you felt bold enough to create a look that may not either confirm to the social trends or it may not widely be used? One such look is using shorts with tights. It certainly looks like both these are here to stay.

Every now and then we see someone come up with a really chic look that involves coupling up tights with a pair of shorts. You may see the person pulling off that look effortlessly and wonder if you can do the same with all the shorts and tights you have just lying in your closet.

The Ultimate Guide To Shorts With Tights

If you are that person who likes to mix it up a little and create your own fashion statement, this is your ultimate guide to wearing your shorts with tights. Really fond of those pieces of clothing, and want to use them together but don’t know how? Well look no further, we are here to help.

While some may find the idea of shorts with tights weird, we believe that with the right kind of combination and choosing accessories that compliment, you can create an impeccable look.

Creating the look

From a casual to elegant look, comfortable to high fashion, transitioning your wardrobe from one season to the other, your combos of tights and shorts can be your ultimate partner.

Let’s look at a few ways you can jazz up your style a little and mix and match to create looks that suit different types of occasions or season or help you dress the way you want.

The Ultimate Guide To Shorts With Tights

Dressing for the season

It is that time of the year when the weather is moving from warmer to much cooler temperatures. Autumn has arrived and winter is just upon us and wearing shorts on their own may not be enough to keep you warm from the chill in the air.

However you are not willing to let the summer feel go or give up on wearing those cute summer outfits you have been enjoying all season. One of best ways to shift your wardrobe for the season would be to wear a pair of tights underneath your shorts. A full blouse on top or a checkered collared shirt with a nice pair of boots is just what you need.

Denim is here to stay

Mostly, all of us have denim in our wardrobes. It could be a pair of jeans or denim shorts that you’ve owned since forever. A clever way to really uplift those shorts would be to pair them up with a pair of tights. If it’s the summer season, you can wear a pair of sheer tights underneath and wear a tank top or light weight shirt on top.

The Ultimate Guide To Shorts With Tights

The rugged distressed denim shorts combined with sheer tights underneath is a look we have seen many people use, even the fashion icons that inspire us. Want a more retro, that 90’s kind of look? Use a pair of fishnet stockings under your denim.

In winters the same denim shorts can be worn over a pair of opaque tights to help ward off the cold. A nice loose sweater or a turtleneck with a mid-length or long overcoat would look nice with it. A nice pair of long boots would ideally complete your look. You can also use an over-sized baggy sweater with a belt to cinch in the waist to go with your denim and shorts.

Experiment with colors

A cute way to dress up in shorts and tights would be to get your hands on those colorful cotton shorts. Young girls can create bright and cheerful looks by wearing colorful shorts over tights or wear bright multicolored spandex tights under their shorts. A nice tank top or a button down collared shirt or even a simple t shirt can have you ready for a fun day out. Put on your favorite sneakers and you are ready to go.

Explore fabric options to match the occasion

Shorts come in many styles, patterns and fabrics. If you want a little professional and sophisticated look, you can use a pair of beige colored shorts with sheer tights. This is a look you can easily carry in an office environment as well.

The Ultimate Guide To Shorts With Tights

Use a pair of nice black court shoes and a smart blazer with a cotton shirt under. If the weather is warmer, plaid fabric shorts with a checkered pattern over a pair of tights with a turtle neck sweater and an overcoat, and boots that come up to your knees are just what you need to create that sophisticated vibe.

For a cozy evening indoors, use a soft material short over your favorite pair of tights. Linen would be very suitable. Wear a simple loose shirt and you are all set for a comfy night in.

Who says you can’t look cool and fashionable in active wear. Shorts and tights can also be combined for your trip to the gym or a jog in the park. Put on some nice colored leggings with your active wear shorts and feel comfortable while working out.

The high street fashion style statement

If you are interested in creating an elegant classy look, you can style your shorts with tights in many ways. A black on black look is the key to achieving that certain level of sophistication and style.

The Ultimate Guide To Shorts With Tights

A pair of nicely tailored black shorts with sheer tights, a black fitted coat or a sweater vest may just be perfect. Leather shorts over black tights may also make a popular style statement. Pair them up with white cotton shirt and a long coat if it is cold. The look will look complete with a pair of heeled boots.

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