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Why does everyone start to like slow fashion?

by Starryqueen 10 Jun 2021 0 Comments
slow fashion

Fashion comes with trends in every society around the globe. The clothes worn by people who lived a century ago cannot be the same as what we were in this day. A lot of water has passed under the bridge. Trends come and go.

But, in modern history, there are two norms in the fashion world that have come to stand in stark contrast. These are slow fashion and fast fashion. In this article, we will focus on slow fashion because of its positive nature on the environment. It also comes with many added advantages compared to fast fashion.

What is slow fashion?

There are many definitions that have come with slow fashion. But, the most relevant is one that defines it as quality-oriented. Slow fashion is a collection of clothes that last. They don't flow with the crazy fashion heist which aims for the latest! They come on the scene at their own pace.

When you buy any of them from their long list, you expect to use them for a long time. They are durable, sturdy, and reliable.

Unlike fast fashion which has a short lifespan on the market. Slow fashion is there to serve the wearer for a long time. Fast fashion is trendy and hyper-hot. But slow fashion remains within the fashion trends while respecting quality and durability.

Does that sound like the main reason why many are already falling in love with it? Of course, it should. You save the environment from unwanted waste that comes from heavy production.

If you come to think of it, slow fashion follows slow production rates. The designers have a keen eye on quality. They want to make sure that the final product comes out with excellent durability. It will not have to be on the shelf only for a month and it is out of fashion. That is where the slow aspect also comes in.

The difference between slow fashion and fast fashion

There are many differences that exist between slow fashion and fast fashion. To begin with, we need to understand what makes up fast fashion. When you talk about fast fashion, you are referring to the exact opposite of slow fashion. Fast fashion follows swift production rates in line with trends. It blows like a whirlwind! Unlike slow fashion which focuses on quality, fast fashion puts more focus on time.

A particular set of clothing can be on the market today. The following week it is no longer in fashion. The trends in fast fashion are so quick that one can have a whole wardrobe change over within a fortnight! Most of it even uses materials that do not go through recycling.

fast fashion

Having clarified what fast fashion is about, we can now plummet into the differences. Slow fashion may not come with the latest designs, but it stands the test of time. The designer comes up with it so that it can last. But, fast fashion is there to quench the fashion quest. It does not last that long. It has to be on the shelf only for a limited time frame.

Slow fashion does not pile waste on the environment. This is because the production lines not too fast. But fast fashion produces heaps of waste into the environment. This is because of its heavy production levels. To make matters worse, most of it comes from non-biodegradable materials. When these get into the surroundings, they will need at least 200 years to degrade. But, slow fashion sensitive of the environment and comes from biodegradable materials.

How to change from fast fashion to slow fashion

This is the transition we are looking for. You could be at a point in life where you need to correct the wrong and protect the environment. In this case, there are several steps that await you. In fact, most of them are not out of your reach as you will soon find out.

Buy quality clothing: The focus when you go shopping should be on the quality of the clothes you are buying. In the past, you might have been going about it the wrong way. It is possible that you admired clothes because they carried the latest style or design. You need to change that mindset.

Avoid bulk buying of clothes: Only buy the attire you are going to use. When you buy too much of it, you can be sure that the surplus will end up as refuse in the environment. This is what is poluting the environment. If you buy less, you also make sure that the little you have works best and lasts for a considerable period.

Buy reliable brands: You may already have a collection of the best brands that offer quality. These are the brands you have to go with and stick to quality. In this way you will be getting rid of fast fashion with time. If you have a challenge identifying slow fashion brands, you can consult. Ask those who have managed to stick with quality and they are fans of slow fashion.

Try second hand clothing options: In this case, you have many reliable options to bank on. You can buy second hand clothing from outlets. In some cases, you can also swap or exchange your fast fashion clothing with slow fashion clothes. In time, you can also consider making use of clothes that you have abandoned in a long time. This way, you will be keeping helping the environment to have less refuse.


The shift from fast fashion to slow fashion is a cost saving measure. Many are finding it convenient because it is cost effective and reliable. In fact, the benefits that come on the environment are an added advantage. The best change you can have to this kind of fashion is through the mindset. If you change your mindset, the rest can be easy.

Slow fashion adds a reasonable touch to your selection of clothes. It allows you to enjoy your favorite set of clothes for a long time. Many are making a shift to this because of its focus on quality. Yes, quality is the right theme for future generations. If we are to save the planet from further damage, slow fashion is a good start!

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