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How to Cultivate Your Own Fashion Sense

by Starryqueen 14 Aug 2021 0 Comments
How to Cultivate Your Own Fashion Sense

We have all been there. We have all stared at ourselves in front of the mirrors, thinking if our clothes define who we are. In fact, every one out of 20 people wastes more than an hour in the morning only to decide their outfit for the day! Matching the bottoms with an upper might be something that may seem like a big hurdle. The worst is not getting a perfect blend of colors that also go along with your skin. Not to forget mentioning how your fashion sense gives an insight into your personality.

There was a time when people wore clothes only to protect themselves from the harsh weather conditions. But it all started to change before the mid 19th Century when a fashion house got set up in Paris. Today, clothes are to get worn for more than just protection from the dangers of harsh weather.

So how do you cultivate your fashion sense? Of course, this is not as easy as pie. Hence, we are here to serve you all this information on a platter to help you create a fashion sense which is even better than a pie!

How to Cultivate Your Own Fashion Sense

What is Fashion Sense?

Fashion sense is the sense of figuring out what type of clothes would suit you the best at a specific time. Dinesha, a fashion blogger, defines the fashion sense as " knowing what works for you, speaks to you and expresses the message you specifically want to send through your outer appearance." Your outer appearance also depends upon your culture.

The Different Types of Fashion Styles

Your fashion style may or may not be the one that you like. But it is crucial to know different fashion styles that might be a part of your culture. You can style your clothes in a way that represents you and one of the styles listed below!

Best fashion styles that will help you grow your fashion sense


The bohemian style clothing includes wearing neutral and earthy color schemes while giving off the hippie vibe. Bohemian clothes are usually made of fabrics such as silk, cotton, and denim, which are easily available out there in the market.


Do you love representing the vintage era? If yes, then this fashion style was specially made for you. The vintage clothing includes wearing circle skirts, petticoats, flapper dresses, and wide-leg trousers. You can wear a circle skirt along with your favorite floral top, and you're good to go!

How to Cultivate Your Own Fashion Sense


Artsy style is all about experimenting. You can wear bold and colorful clothes, and design them your way. A good example of artsy clothing would be a colorful crop top paired with a floral skirt and a pair of white sneakers.


You can easily pull off this style if you're a prep school student or if you love golf. To express your style, you can wear structured blazers, khakis, bright-colored pants, and much more. In short, this style is all about presenting your love for luxury clothing.  


The punk style can help define your crazy self if you like to vibe with heavy metal bands. You can wear dark clothes that go along with your bright hair, and you’re good to go! To spice it up, you can wear leather jackets, skater skirts, fishnet stockings, etc.


This fashion style can help flourish your feminine side. Feminine clothing includes wearing colors such as pink, though this is not the only feminine color out there. You can wear dresses, sheer blouses, pencil skirts, puffy sleeves, and a lot more.

How to Cultivate Your Own Fashion Sense

So, these are the six well-known fashion styles out there. Which one of these would you choose? Let us know in the comments below!

Powerful Ways to Cultivate Your Fashion Sense

Otto Von Busch, an associate professor of Integrated Design, stated that: “When fashion works on us, it changes our posture. We are perceived and on top of things. We expand emotionally, socially, and bodily, opening up our sensibilities to the world.” You can make your fashion sense do the same wonders for you if you learn the art of cultivating it.

Here are some great ways to help you create your unique style:

1.Find your Inspiration

Gather the latest fashion magazines and look for what appeals the most to you. You might even get inspired by your favorite movie character, or a celebrity because it doesn't matter as long as it inspires you. But here is a fun fact: 23% of the Japanese population takes its inspiration from Japanese cartoons (Anime) and wears clothing that reflects it. You can do the same who knows, you may as well get inspired by your favorite cartoon character.

How to Cultivate Your Own Fashion Sense

Moreover, you can visit different clothing shops and rule out the designs and colors you like the most. The easiest way is to look for different fashion styles on Pinterest. You can take screenshots of your favorite designs and determine whether they will suit your body type or not.

2.Analyze your Wardrobe

Organizing the wardrobe and removing old clothes is a chore that barely gets completed. But to have your goal accomplished, you will have to go through your closet and remove the clothes you wouldn't wear anymore. It will help you analyze your current style and comfort zone, along with the colors you like and the accessories you often wear.

You can keep the clothes you like and separate them for a wash. Research has shown that clean and ironed clothes can help boost your confidence, which may come in handy at your workplace. Who knows, it might even help you get your dream job or complete the task that you were hesitating to complete.

3.Look for What Suits your Body Shape

Beauty comes in different shapes and sizes. Your shape and size can also help you find out what style would look the best on your body. The most common body shape out there is a “triangle shape”, leading to the shoulders being wider than the hips. There are many body shapes out there, and you need to find yours first. You can do that by taking your pictures and finding out the most prominent part of your body. It will help you choose the style that makes you and your body feel good. For example, a body-tight dress can help make your body curves prominent.

How to Cultivate Your Own Fashion Sense

4.Dress According to What you Want to Accomplish

You must have a dream that you want to accomplish. And one of the obstacles in the way could be your lack of fashion sense. You can get a pen and paper to write down the things you want to accomplish. Once you're done, you can browse through the internet and look for the dressing style that matches the most with your accomplishment. Keep the screenshots with yourself when you go to the shops, and you will know the exact stuff you need to get.

Many people use fashion as a form of communication, which is why your dressing speaks more than you.

5.Get Yourself a Uniform

A uniform will help you create an attractive image of yourself. You should have different uniforms for different occasions, meaning that you should have a dressing style according to every place. For example, you can get plenty of workout clothes if you go to the gym daily. Or you can get different suits for your workplace. This uniformity will help you keep your wardrobe organized and present yourself most masterfully. Many successful women out there follow this rule of uniformity to define themselves.

6.Go Shopping

After you’ve decided what you want to wear, search for the brands that mainly sell the clothes that you’re looking for. Once you're done with them, list the brands down and you’re ready to go! It will save your time as you directly get to the shops that you need to visit. To help you choose the better options, you can take your family members or friends with you. Their honest opinions will make you purchase the right clothes without any waste of money. Interaction with the shopkeepers and customers around you will also help you understand the fashion trends. However, you can also purchase the clothes online after you’re done preparing the list.

How to Cultivate Your Own Fashion Sense

Have you Cultivated your Fashion Sense Yet?

Fashion is all about comfort and choice. Although you may take some time to get a better understanding of what you like, you should trust the process. To speed it up, you can reach out to a fashion guru who will find the best dressing style for you. But in the end, what matters the most is your opinion. You should wear what you feel comfortable in, and trust the journey.

Growing your fashion sense is a fun process. You get to find what you like and get a better idea of what you want to accomplish. After all, this is all about trusting the process and staying consistent.

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