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Traditional Vs String Bikini Which One is Better

by Starryqueen 30 May 2021 0 Comments
Traditional Vs String Bikini Which One is Better

While there is a wide array of choices for women looking for stylish bikinis the one that continues to be popular even today is the string bikini. Many women make it their first choice while buying swimwear. They hope to look sexy and attractive when others are around such as on a beach or a swimming pool.

At the same time, these bikinis can give them the option to enjoy sunbath in their balconies wearing swimwear. This gives them safety from coronavirus infections as they do not come into contact with an infected person while enjoying the sunbath on balconies or swimming in a private pool.

String Bikini and Traditional Bikini

One of the common questions is that whether you should use the string bikini or its traditional counterpart. The following considerations can be taken into account.

  •  While both types of bikinis can be great in terms of style statement and durability the string bikinis are suitable if you need adjustments;
  •  Bikinis with strings can be adjusted with the changing anatomic features of the user and such facilities are not available in case of the traditional bikinis; and
  •  While women can look sexy and stylish using any bikini they need not buy a new set because string bikinis are adjustable.

You do not lose your great appearance with the string bikinis due to a change in the anatomic features.

String Bikini is Hot

As a woman, you will certainly like to look fashionable and attractive. Bikini fashion has come a long way shelving the concept of one piece or the two-piece swimming costume. Instead; they are considered to be highly fashionable and trendy dresses for women highlighting every curve in the body.

An example is the tiny string bikini that is the best for women with a perfect figure. It hides less while revealing more because it covers the barest parts of the body. In the case of traditional bikinis, the coverage will be the same whenever you wear them but they do not provide the option to readjust keeping pace with the changes in your body structure.

What to Look For

When you decide to buy a string bikini the following aspects need to be taken into consideration. Some of the features common in these bikinis are as follows.

  •  They come with tiny tops covering the nipple area of the bust;
  •  The lower portion covers the crotch only; 
  •  They offer great support through the strings;
  •  You can use transparent strings or cover them with stones or pearls for a greater fashion statement; and
  •  Such facilities are limited in case of the traditional bikinis.

String Bikini allows Change of Combination

While both traditional and string bikini enable you to use different top and bottom combinations the facility is greater in the case of the stringed version. This means that you can change the combination of top and bottom to look trendier with both types of bikinis.

However, the scope is greater with the string versions because you have the option to change the shape and sizes manipulating the strings.

String Bikini is Tiniest of All

When you compare the traditional sexy bikinis with the string bikini you will find the following outcomes.

  •  If you are looking for the tiniest of the bikinis then the string bikinis will be your choice;
  •  These bikinis cover the barest minimum of your anatomy making you look sexy and attractive;
  •  Both traditional, as well as the stringed versions of the bikinis, are these days made using transparent materials and dazzling colors making them most attractive; and
  •  The tiny stringed bikinis come in a host of strings representing various styles like the most popular spidery strings used by young women; and
  •  Stringed bikinis look great with different string designs to reveal your shapely bottom.

While both traditional, as well as bikinis with strings, represent great styles the scope is greater for the designers to create stunning styles in bikinis using various string designs.  Such designs can create a striking look for the users of these bikinis.

String Bikini is the Popular Variant

Since the coming into existence in the year 1946 the bikinis have been created with a great number of variations. The latest trend in the market is the preference of buyers for the smaller and more revealing bikinis.

String Bikini

Traditional bikinis are usually two-piece swimsuits that cover the crotch, buttocks, and also the breasts of women. However, the string bikini is more suitable for hiding the barest and revealing the most and fits in well with the current trend in the market.

While maintaining the features of a two-piece swimsuit these bikinis with minimum coverage can make the user look very sexy and desirable. That is why the string bikinis have become one of the most popular variants taking lead over other traditional bikinis around.

How String Bikini is Different

A string bikini is different in many ways from its traditional counterparts.

  •  They are scantier as well as more revealing in comparison to traditional strapped or other bikinis;
  •  These bikinis contain a couple of triangular-shaped pieces that are connected at the groin’
  •  They do not connect at the sides;
  •  Instead; a thin string works as the connector of the two parts and the strings wrap around the waist of the user;
  •  Strings are used to connect the top and bottom; and
  •  The strings can be continuous or tied.

Buying String Bikini

To buy a string bikini you need the support of a quality provider selling the bikinis online or offline at reasonable prices. Whether it is the set or the top and bottom using strings, only one of the best providers can deliver the best at good prices. It is more important while buying bikinis online that is based on trust and goodwill.

While the use of a string bikini can give you a great appearance and makes you look sexy and attractive you need to find a trusted provider of bikinis. The bikinis purchased should be qualitative, durable, as well as affordable and that will be possible when you choose the right store to buy them.   

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