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How To Match A Blue Dress With Simple Steps

by Starryqueen 13 Jul 2021 0 Comments
How To Match A Blue Dress With Simple Steps

It is always easy to guess what manner of dressing would look good on you, but, it is not always easy to reach a conclusion after making an endless list of options.

You plan on wearing a good looking blue dress that is in your wardrobe to a special occasion, a birthday, to church, or even for Christmas, but you are having difficulty in beautifying it as it looks too plain.

You do not want to make any mistakes so you do not look like an inexperienced dresser, so, what do you do then?

Dressing appropriately and at the same time sexy should not cause any mental stress, but rather, it should be a thing done for fun. Read below to see how best to make your blue dress come to life with ease.

Choose Your Category of Access Jewelry

Beautification comes alive when it is done with style and uniformity. What category/color of jewelry do you find feet to match your taste in fashion? Pick your preferred option and use that for the whole process.

The purpose of using only one color is that it makes you look planned and experienced. While it is okay to mix things up to have a complex juice in style, your dressing is more appreciated when you put yourself in one category. This brings out quality and helps in easy identification.

How To Match A Blue Dress With Simple Steps

Is it gold, or silver? It can be any color of your choice, the most important thing is that you categorize yourself in one quality.

Choose A Simple jewelry Collection

This means that you should avoid using too fancy jewelry to beautify the dress. Any dress comes alive when it is mixed with ornaments, but too many ornaments make it overwhelming and this is the last thing you need.

Keeping the collection of jewelry simple means you avoid wearing too much jewelry at the same time. A good example of this collection is a simple wristwatch, two hand bangles, a ring, an earring a necklace, a pair of heels, and a purse ( all with one color ).

How To Match A Blue Dress With Simple Steps

Allow The ornaments To Blend With Your Natural Self.

What this mean is that you should enhance uniformity with your choice of color by polishing your nails with the same or at least a similar color as your jewelry.

This, again is for the sake of looking planned and professional. You do not want to mix a blue and gold/silver collection with red or any other color as this makes your dress look less attractive; it is always better to be in one category of color than to be in none.

Doing this makes your dress look sharp and direct. Thus, if any aspect of your dressing should have a different color then those should be your hair, your makeup, and your phone.

Pay Attention To The Kind Of Jewelry You Choose (optional)

What this means is that you will look more patronizing and tasty when your pieces of jewelry all come from one brand. For instance, you can choose to use “Tiffany and co” or any other product throughout the dressing. 

This does not only make people perceive you as patronizing of the given company but also, it makes you seem very appreciative of the jewelry you put on and this will earn the company more credibility. This credits both you and the company more quality rates.

Pay Attention To The Manner In Which You Wear Your Ornaments.

This is very crucial and when ignored can be very disappointing. A good example of this is your necklace. Most people easily make the mistake of wearing a necklace on a high collar neckline and this is in no way sexy.

It looks suffocating;  While a silver/golden necklace will make you look more fancy on a high collar neckline, it can still make you look less professional and inexperienced.

Jewelry come alive when they are placed in direct contact with the skin. If your blue dress is a high collar or a closed collar neckline then avoid wearing a necklace.

How To Match A Blue Dress With Simple Steps

Such collars signify that that nothing else is needed on the neck at the times they are on. Any shirt with a high collar neckline is a sign of modesty and will look more appealing when enhanced with a simple fashion.

If your dress is one that comes with a V-neck then make sure the necklace for not cross the neckline, this is called reciprocation.

The purpose of this is for your neck to appear sexy; The effect is achieved when people spot your necklace and in the process of appreciation of the fashion, they also have a good view of your skin.

You will gain more credibility when your skin blends with the necklace and this is why choosing only one color of jewelry is important.

Take for instance, a dark skin woman wearing silver earrings, a small silver necklace, a knee level dress with a V-neck, silver bangles, a silver wristwatch with a white purse hanging over her shoulders, and silver heels or flats, and also picture this for a light skin lady (replacing silver with gold or vis verse, how sexy would you rate both?

Note: This does not mean dark skin people are better off wearing only silver jewelry, anyone can choose to wear what they want and still look beautiful. This description was only given to match the blue dress as it looks prettier with silver.

Fashion is a vast and endless dimension as long as different individuals are involved. New ideas will keep on coming till infinity because the field itself is a changing one. No manner of dressing is the best, but some are just impeccable.

Do you have a blue dress you want to accessorize? Then following the instructions listed and explained above will be a perfect strategy to adopt because there are only little amount of diverse manners of fashion to compete with this one as long as beautifying a blue dress is concerned.

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