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How To Dress As A Short And Curvy Person

by Starryqueen 13 Jul 2021 0 Comments
How To Dress As A Short And Curvy Person

How Important Is Fashion?

When it comes to fashion, shape, size, and height always come next in thoughts; They are a major matter to deal with if the right clothing must emerge.

Fashion is a phenomenon that affects every person alive; even though some would say they are not fans of trending clothing and styles, no one can say they do not have manners of clothing they would prefer not to wear.

Hence, even though a person does not have one particular manner and preference of dressing, there are clothes, also, they would find less interesting and inappropriate on them.

This brings out the fact; we can not stop paying attention to fashion. So, why is height, size, and shape so vital to consider when trying to find the right and preferred kind of dress?

Well, this question, for a person who pays attention to the things they hide their nakedness behind, is rhetorical but at the same time, unavoidable.

We pay attention to the things we choose to wear because fashion in itself, is a language of its own and when done without proper care can be misinterpreted by our environment and thus, create misperception.

How To Dress As A Short And Curvy Person

In addition, and as a most important reason to be careful with it, when we choose clothing without proper assessment and analysis, we might end up hiding our beauty instead of bringing it out.

Thus, things get more complicated when we decide to look at the key factors that determine how we look on the clothes we wear. And sad enough, this problem touches every kind of person that there is; both tall, short, fat, slim, and more, alike.

How limited is Fashion?

As a short person, you might have thought to yourself" tall people will always look more attractive as they are big enough to be seen even when the shorter ones are putting on the same manner of fashion as they are" and this is fair, but, not entirely true.

Why? beauty is not limited to height, shape, or size, they are only things to consider when enhancing physical appeal.

Yes, taller people might have the advantage height gives, but, with the right approach to this matter, shorter people own attraction. Read on if you want to know how this works.

How To Dress As A Short And Curvy Person

How does fashion affect your life as a short and curvy person? It is always the obvious, the type of clothing that will make you look your best. And good news, you are not far from the answer. Read on.

How To Approach Fashion When you Are Short And curvy

Being Short is an advantage, most people are yet to realize; Because of how limiting the society has made it look like, today many people feel less important when standing close to people who are taller than them, and as a result of this, most of these same people, and especially women, feel less attractive when they are short.

This act of today’s world, when not taken as the misconception that it is, kills and will continue to damage the self-esteem of people who give in to it. Below are some of the things you can do to keep your balance and beauty intact. Hence, prove society wrong.

  •  Wear fitted clothes

What is the essence of this? If you are curvy it means you are physically attractive, and for your features to be visible you need to avoid wearing oversized clothing.

Think about a situation where you work out to improve your butt size and afterward you put on gowns, how much improvement would you expect to see even though you drain yourself in the gym for 4 hours every day? Sad to say, but very little.


On the other hand, if you put on almost-tight jeans, and a fitted top( This could be any dress of your choice; a fancy polo, a short V-neck blouse, or an open back shirt will do the job ), you will not only find your physical features popping out, but also, you will create the tall effect as your legs tend to look longer when you are on tight trousers.

  •  Wear Shorts

Shorts make any woman look sexy because that is what they are designed for. As a curvy person, while you have the advantage of being stared at by just exposing the shape of your legs, you also have the advantage of allowing your legs enough air. And this in itself, is sexy.

  •  Be Colorful

Colors are embellishments of whatsoever thing they are used on. Yes, the clothes we put on all have colors, but, not all colors will look good on you. Or at least, the right mixture is vital to consider.

It will look less sexy to put on a brown jean and a pale ash V-neck, or purple shorts under a pink blouse. Instead, try something like pink coupled with white, light green coupled with white, black coupled with purple, purple coupled with blue. These combinations are not just any combinations; they are considered innocent and friendly.

Be Colorful

Colors are a manner of communication many people overlook too oft and this creates misinformation for those who care to pay attention to them. Do you want to look sexy? Then avoid a harsh combination of colors.

Put On Heels

This is a good way to increase height and improve physical appeal. When you are on heels, your leg muscles stretch as your legs are in a position that stresses the veins which means your leg muscles are irritated and this, as an exercise, is good for your legs because it strengthens your ankles and helps build up your leg muscles.

Your legs will have the credibility of looking muscular which is very sexy for a female, and also, you will add extra inches to your height.

Looking good is essential, but even more important is making the right approach to it. Given that you follow the above instructions, when it comes to beauty, being short and curvy is considered an unbeatable advantage.

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