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How To Achieve Low Cost Fashion

by Starryqueen 18 Aug 2021 0 Comments
How To Achieve Low Cost Fashion

According to Bill Cunningham, a famous fashion photographer for the New York Times, fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life. Ideally it is all about how we wish to express ourselves in a certain place, time or event.

In a quest to be fashionable, we either confirm to the norm or make our own statement and stand our ground whilst incorporating what is considered trendy in our overall look. The modern world is full of choices and the fashion industry is constantly churning out new trends every season and year. What is considered to be fashionable in one season may not be considered such in the next.

Fashion in a budget

Everyone desires to look and feel good and confident. Like others around us we too want to stay on top of things and carry the look of the season and feel our best. Every season you may find yourself flipping through catalogues, scrolling through online pages or gazing at shop windows for looks that will not only make you look trendy but also which you can pull off with ease and style.

How To Achieve Low Cost Fashion

However keeping up with the latest trends, does not come without a price. Imagine buying anything and everything that comes under the latest fashion, hoarding on clothes and accessories and the impact it would have on your pocket.

Keeping up may be expensive when you are spending a huge chunk of your savings on new clothes, bags or shoes. You may want to look fashionable but you are torn between the urge to buy or save since high end fashion prices can be pretty steep.

In addition, regardless of the trends and the desire to stay up to date, we all own a certain item of clothing or more, that we just adore so much and want to use no matter what season it is and what style is in.

What if we told you that you need not splurge in order to achieve a stylized look? A few simple tips and tricks may help you not only stay up to date but also prevent you from emptying out your purse.

Let’s consider a few ways you can be fashionable while staying with a budget. Trust us, it’s not as difficult as it may look.

How To Achieve Low Cost Fashion

Invest in the basics

To begin with one of the most important steps you can take towards building a fashionable wardrobe would be to buy good quality wardrobe basics. These could be anything from a little black dress to a plain top or a dress pant or a stylish coat etc.

Once you have these in your wardrobe, you can easily achieve a nice look with stylish accessories. Good quality shoes, a scarf or a bag and nice jewelry go a long way. You can also mix and match your basic wardrobe items to create different kind of looks for different occasions.

For instance, for an official event you can pair up a shirt with formal pants. The same outfit can be transformed for a get together by pairing the shirt with a nice skirt or replace the shirt with a silk blouse to go with the pants. In winter the pants can be worn with a sweater vest and the shirt will go well with a blazer.

Look out for sales and discounts

One method to shop from the brands you like would be to keep a lookout for their sales. There may be various brands, whose clothing and accessories you really like but are hesitant to buy because of the high prices. Many brand and stores launch sales during and end of the season.

How To Achieve Low Cost Fashion

If you search well enough you can find some very good bargains and get your hands on pieces that are sure to uplift your wardrobe and that too at literally throw away prices. However do remember to shop wisely. Pick pieces you really like and you are sure you will be using well.

Don’t go splurging and buying things instinctively just because they are on sale; you may regret your buying decisions later if you do not think it through and you may have ended up spending way more than you planned.

Explore thrift shops

A true fashion lovers’ quest for good fashion items knows no bounds. Have you ever explored the vintage shops in the nifty areas of your town? If not you may want to look around in the vintage shops and you may find hidden treasures and that too on amazing. You may end up finding lovely pre-loved clothing in excellent condition, antiquated dresses that you can style to make it your own. A little bargain will get you a really good deal and a lovely outfit or maybe even more and you will be glad you took the chance.

Buy what won’t go out of style

When adding to your wardrobe, always remember; don’t go running after the fast fashion trends. Although the fashion industry brings out one new trend or the other, every now and then, it may fade out as quickly as it came. By running after a fashion fad, you may end up spending bucket loads of money that you won’t be using for long and soon they will be pushed to the back of the closet never to see light of the day again.

How To Achieve Low Cost Fashion

When we suggest buying things that will not go out of style, we are talking about some classic pieces that you can use for years and that will probably not go out of style. A long classic dress, plain or otherwise, high quality boots that you can wear with anything or everything, a classic fur coat to give you that sophisticated look. Buying a classic item is an investment you will not regret.

Finally while it is nice to stay fashionable, always remember that fashion trends come and go, it is your style that carries you gracefully through the years and defines who you are. Whatever you wear or what style you choose, just remember to wear it with confidence.

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